Academy of Dog Training ANd Behaviour
Car-Lee Dog Training
Dog Training in Dorchester, Blandford and
surrounding areas.
Puppy Classes, Junior Classes and 1:1 Home Visits
using positive, reward-based training methods, teaching every day life skills.
Puppy Classes
Puppies need early, positive socialisation in order to become well-balanced, social and confident adult dogs. Positive socialisation is a type of learning that is based on pleasurable, exciting and wide-ranging experiences. 
With this in mind, Caroline’s puppy classes are structured to enable you and your puppy to join a small, friendly group for fun, positive reward-based, motivational training. Caroline recognises that training in a relaxed, happy and friendly atmosphere is more likely to result in effective learning for both owners and their puppies. Courses run for six weeks and together with helpful advice on puppy behaviour and guiding your puppy through a human world, will cover real life, day-to-day basic training including:-
                    Walking on a slack lead
                     Introduction to Wait
                     Polite meet and greet of humans and other puppies and dogs
Puppies attending the classes are required to have up to date vaccinations, however, please speak with Caroline if your puppy’s vaccination course is not quite complete. In addition, worm and flea treatments should also be up to date.

NEXT PUPPY COURSE STARTS WEDNESDAY 22nd May 2019   (Spaces are limited.) 
(1:1 Puppy home visits are also available)